SCA welcomes Board Member, Tamara Surratt

Updated: May 7

SCA is proud to welcome its newest board member, Tamara Surratt! Tamara brings invaluable expertise in the areas of wealth management and board governance.

Tamara Surratt is Founder and CEO of Legacy Family Office, an independent multi-family office and wealth management organization providing customized financial solutions to multi-generational families of significant wealth across the United States.

Ms. Surratt has nearly 20 years of professional experience helping wealth owning families develop sophisticated investment strategies, leverage their existing wealth, create a healthy family governance structure, meet philanthropic goals, create business succession plans, develop estate plans, and reduce exposure to state and federal taxes. She inquires into both the traditional quantitative elements of wealth planning (i.e., cash flow, wealth transfer, tax efficiency, investment management, asset protection), as well as the qualitative ones (i.e., wealth enterprise dynamics, family dynamics, family values and mission, family education and family governance). By instituting a family governance system designed to facilitate integrated family wealth planning, Tamara believes that client families can better position themselves to achieve their unique definition of success.

Ms. Surratt has been a featured speaker at the Private Wealth Management Summit in Palm Beach, FL, the Opal Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum in Newport, RI, and has been invited to be a guest speaker throughout the US and Canada to several Tiger 21 Chapters. (Tiger 21 is an exclusive membership organization and peer-to-peer learning network for high net worth individuals and families). In her presentations, Ms. Surratt shares concrete best practices learned from decades of working with the world's wealthiest families on how to prepare heirs, create a legacy and sustain wealth through generations.

She is frequently quoted in Financial Advisor Magazine, Reuters, Private Asset Management Magazine, US News & World Report on topics such as market volatility, structuring a tax-efficient portfolio, strategic philanthropy, and the importance of preparing heirs intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually for their responsibilities as an inheritor.

Welcome Tamara!

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