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"We are His masterpiece." Ephesians 2:10

Creatives Connect is a community of encouragement, support, and collaboration for Christians in the arts. Storytellers Creative Arts believes that by accomplishing these four principles in the life of artists, the community will be healed, nurtured, inspired, and unleashed to grow, and glorify God with their art:

Healing the Creative Soul Artists are often wounded. We believe that healing is best experienced in community.

Nurturing the Creative Soul Artists are often isolated. We believe that they can be best encouraged in a community of those who share similar struggles.

Inspiring the Creative Soul Artists often lose a sense of transcendence. We believe they can best be inspired in a community where they discover together their purpose and direction for their craft.

Unleashing the Creative Soul Artists are often blinded to their greater responsibility to the watching world. We believe that they can best be unleashed in a community that challenges them to create art that expresses faith, transforms love, and elevates culture.

Membership is free and must be approved by the SCA Administrator. Creatives Connect will have events and webinars that will incur a fee to support the ministry of Storytellers Creative Arts. Currently, Creatives Connect is accessible through Facebook. This summer, SCA launches the group from its website forum. This means that members do not have to have a Facebook account.

Click here to join the Creatives Connect Facebook Group!

For more information, email Bill Barnett, Group Leader:

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