The Served Community 

“We are honored to partner with Storytellers as they minister to those who come to us so often in their darkest of hours and, through expressive arts programs, find the light of hope needed to overcome the disease of addiction!”


Scott Burgess, President & CEO, David Lawrence Center

“We have benefitted from the work of Storytellers Creative Arts through their outreach to at-risk youth. For many, finding their voice through the arts is a totally new experience. At a time in our country when communication tends towards violence, the importance of teaching young people another way to express themselves is critical. I appreciate the work that Storytellers is doing to provide opportunities in this area for children and teens in our community.”


Ellen Nichols, Founder, New Horizons of Southwest FLorida

“You encouraged the women to express themselves through various creative methods. Despite their novice natures, the women in our recovery program felt like little art protégés with you as the maestro orchestrating a grand symphony. Art is therapeutic and God is working in this process to save broken souls.”


Val Cater, Executive Director, Gilgal Women's Recovery, Atlanta, Georgia

"Storytellers brings the whole family together to do art, drumming, storytelling, and so much more.  The Gospel is organically poured in from the heart of the team.  We see God moving in this ministry and lives are being changed.  Storytellers combines the Word and the arts to bring the light of hope into broken hearts."


Pastor Karl Glander, Amigos Center, Immokalee, Florida

"We are his masterpiece."

Ephesians 2:10