"I suffer from trauma and mental illness.  At Arts for Recovery, I am encouraged in my faith in God and I am reassured of my relationship with him.  Arts for Recovery is a community of art, love, joy and welcoming.  I find peace when I create art." 



"Throughout my life, people have told me to sit down, shut up - that I am worthless, and that I would never amount to anything. I was at a low point when Storytellers came and did a dramatic presentation of a story about a crab that was held in bondage inside of a pail with crabs who did not want her to crawl out to freedom. I realized that I was not going to let anyone else pull me down and that I would keep climbing, not letting anyone dim my light. God restored my hope and identity through this story. Storytellers Creative Arts has impacted my life.”



“I have had the privilege of being one of these people whose life was forever changed by Storytellers and its expressive arts outreach. I was drinking alcohol every day, unemployed, self- destructive, suicidal, and resentful. My life was shattered, dealing with the shame of being raped. My journey eventually brought me to the foot of the cross, and Jesus became my personal savior. I have found hope and healing through Storytellers.”



“I have cerebral palsy and and I am partially blind. Storytellers comes to the Lighthouse for the blind weekly and the program has strengthened my motor skills. I am able to create things I could never have imagined. This program helps me to very strongly tell people about my faith in God through arts as well as being more of a vessel for Him.”



“I fell into a deep, dark depression, pushing me back into addiction after many years of sobriety. Storytellers connected me to faith and personal relationship with God through painting and I feel alive again.”



"We are his masterpiece."

Ephesians 2:10